Climbing in Stockholm

Climbing in Stockholm

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Climbing in Stockholm

With over 3000 climbs spread over 150 cliffs, Stockholm is Sweden’s most developed and concentrated climbing area. You can even find rockclimbing in the central parts of the city.

In Stockholm there are plenty of both bolted sport routes and natural protected/mixed climbs. On larger and more popular cliffs, the sportroutes are usually well protected with tightly bolted routes, fitted with anchors on top. Although there are some pretty nice crags with a lot of tradroutes, Stockholm is not a crackoholic’s paradise. The long eye-catching cracklines are rare and the protection on the tradroutes can be both sparce and tricky to place. Nevertheless, there are some nice natural protected routes you shouldn’t miss.

Dyviksudd - Lord Hård-väggen

Easy access to the crags

You can get to all the crags in Stockholm with the public transportation system (Stockholms Lokaltrafik, SL), although you may need to walk some km from certain stops. If you have a car, most of the cliffs are within half an hour/an hour’s drive. It is important that you park on designated parking spaces and follow the directions to the cliff carefully, to avoid causing problems with landowners and locals.


Finding the best crags in Stockholm

There is a newly published (2018)  guidebook that covers all climbing routes in Stockholm. The book is called "Klättring i Stockholm" and contains detailed descriptions of all the crags in Stockholm County. And you will of course find lots of inspirational climbing pictures in the guidebook. The book describes about 3000 climbing routes spread on about 200 cliffs in Stockholm. Number of pages: 416. Four color. ISBN: 978-91-978842-3-5. The Guidebook costs 379 SEK (shipping included). You can order the book by sending a email to:

Climbing areas in Stockholm

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On the west coast of Sweden, in the north of Bohuslän county, lies one of Europe’s most beautiful and best-kept climbing secrets, with its granite walls, square-cut dihedrals, razor-sharp arêtes and soaring cracks. The film retraces the story of this climber’s paradise with additional shots from the repertoire of Leo Houlding and Neil Gresham. It ranges from the first 1970s bandana-wearing climbers to the athletes that are pushing the boundaries of this discipline to new extremes. It dwells on the reasons that drive these athletes to compete against the perils of nature.Watch the movie online at youtube > The film Crackoholic is made by Mikael Widerberg and Jonas Paulsson.

The bolt is loose! Are you sure?

Christers slab

This is a short filmclip on how to adress the most common problem with expander-bolts when used on climbingroutes around the world. Produced and edited by Mikael Widerberg.

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